When you have to pay someone to tell you something you already know!

Sometimes we forget that it is the simple things that can have the most impact on our daily life. (When I say we, what I mean is that I often forget.) Then we wonder why things aren’t working out as well as we know they can.

Maybe it’s planning and being organised to keep things running smoothly. (For example, its a LOT better to have a plan for dinner than to improvise when you have two hangry toddlers and realise you have to go to the supermarket!) Being grateful for all the good stuff instead of getting frustrated and worried about the stuff that is out of my control anyway. 

One way that this has showed up for me recently is in my “work”. I say work because I am taking writing and creating seriously (finally!) and have a plan mapped out for 2019 of the projets that I am creating and when I want them out in the world.

The first project I’m working on is a gratitude challenge that I will be sharing here on the blog. After that I am launching my e-book and later in the year I am sending my book proposal to Hay House, and I have an app that I am developing (SO excited!). 

But as the days were ticking by I realised that I never sat down to actually work on my gratitude challenge. I thought “I’ll just do this course first/read this book/wait for the stars to algin”. 

It was so frustrating because it’s a project that I am passionate about and that I believe will be of value to a lot of people, so why was I procrastinating?

Well, turns out it was (mostly) a very normal case of overwhelm! 

But sometimes we need someone else to really spell it out for us.

I’m grateful that I found someone to do that for me. I went to try out kinesiology, something I have quite recently heard of and had no real idea of what it was, but I felt drawn to give it a go (I can highly recommend it!).  

I got there and we started chatting, I explained to her what was going on in my life and how I was feeling, and she said, “well, you have heard this question before, but let me ask you ‘how do you eat an elephant?’”. 

Lightbulb moment! The answer is, of course, one bite at a time. 

We can, and should, only focus on one thing at time

I had made this project so complicated by keeping a list of all the things that needed to be done in order to launch my gratitude challenge in my head. Everything was kind of just “swimming around” in there and it felt like my mind was crowded and as if there was way too much to deal with. I had no clue where to start so just kept putting it off.

My kinesiologist said “maybe get a monthly planner, write out what needs to be done each day, and then just work on that one thing”. 

So thats what I did. 

I went home and brainstormed EVERYTHING that I knew I needed to do, getting it out of my head and on to paper (it still felt overwhelming seeing it all there), then I asked myself the question “what is most important here? If I were to launch this challenge at it’s most basic, what are the things that I absolutely have to do?”. 

That shrunk my list from 20 things to three! I got my monthly planner and I put those three things in, in order of priority (edit the content, set up an email service, create a beautiful layout). 

Then I started filling in the other stuff, stuff that had felt super important but that I realised could actually be done later. Some of it I took off the list completely! Everything I choose to keep fit in beautifully in my planner, and there was even a few empty days (for all that stuff that comes up along the way.)

So simple!

 And still, I had to pay someone to tell me this. Stuff that I already knew, but had somehow forgotten. I am extremely happy that I did go out and get the help though, because now instead of feeling overwhelmed I’m just super excited to dive in and start creating something really beautiful!

So here’s a question for you, are you forgetting any of the basic stuff in your life? 

Xoxo Sofi