I’m normally not one to set new years resolutions. But for the year ahead, I have chosen to set an intention to lead my way. 

Something to fall back on. Something to be my number one priority. Something that, if all else fails, if I can at least do this one thing every day, I can close my eyes at night and call it a success. 

The thing that I will focus on in 2019 is gratitude

Gratitude will be my Northern star, guiding me. 

I’ve been searching for “the meaning of my life” for a longe time. I have traveld, I have read books, I have journaled and I have talked to people. I have practices yoga and I have meditated, everything I can think of to “figure it out”.

 What I have come to realise is that what I want, more than anything, is to enjoy the journey

Simple as that. 

And so so difficult at times.

The bottom line is this; life is happening now. This. Is. It. The moment we are in, right now, is our life. So a good life is many good moments of now strung together, one after the other, like beads on a necklace. 

For me, the surest way to tap into this, to get centered in the moment, is through gratitude. When I can be grateful for everything that is going on in my life (the good, the bad and the sometimes quite ugly) I can enjoy my life to the fullest. When I forget to be grateful, I get caught up in my mind and that invariably leads to stress, worry and frustration. 

Gratitude is the foundation I want to build the rest of my life on. Gratitude is “my thing”. Just as I have a yoga practice and a meditation practice, I am introducing a gratitude practice that will be a non-negotiable part of my day. 

I have to. 

Because with two toddlers, a home to look after, a dream to pursue and a job to go to a couple of days a week, I need something to keep me grounded and to keep me connected to what matters the most; to enjoy the journey

So on that note, thank you 2018, you were great! Now I am grateful to welcome a new year; 365 blank pages to fill with adventures and fun, love and laughter, blueberries and playgrounds, laundry and dirty dishes, green juices and red wine, books and notebooks, highs and lows, yoga and Netflix, friends and family. 

I am grateful, and I am ready, lets make 2019 the best year yet!